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Stopping an already struggling supply chain

Shameless 'protestors'

So once again #teamcoltons have suffered total disruption caused by protestors who danger,  cause chaos and limiting our ability to complete planned scheduled loads to multiple locations across the country, crossing over all sorts of supply chains. 

We, one of the many Hauliers once again are faced with cost, disruption, and failed loads due to the poorly controlled, and commonly known as ‘The UK’s time wasters insulate Britain’ causing danger, anger and multiple problems for going about this the wrong way, in an uncontrolled manor. 

Haulage is a leading key working factor to the UK’s supply chain trying to deliver all sorts to goods into Distributions Centres, Individual outlets, building sites, fuel stations, and endless end users, but for the general public to consume in one way or another. 

These people are forcing people to rebel, forcing danger, putting lives at risk, and now with a time where the UK is under immense pressure to keep all shelves filled, and subsequently deliver a Christmas 2021 for everyone, these people risk this being once again, as more transport fails, more loads do not get delivered, more work backs up…. 

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Join #teamcoltons today...

Due to continued expansion, along with the current UK driver shortage we are recruiting new members to join #teamcoltons in Barking and Coventry.

If you wish to find out more please email or send a message direct from below.

 We offer a good salary, company pension scheme, average holiday pay system, and employ people not numbers

 If you are hardworking, motivated and dedicated to the industry, in addition look after your vehicle,.

Please e-mail or type your email and send below and we will get back to you.

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COVID19 Pandemic...

During the pandemic we have worked to ensure the British public have all the essentials to Stay Safe so together we can all come out of this crisis stronger than ever. For more information on your local guidelines please visit the Government website (Link below)

And Remember Wash hands | Cover face | Make space 

A Little About Us...

Our Mission is to provide the "On Time In Full" transport solutions our customers expect regardless of their size, the geographical location of their collection or delivery points, their products or their delivery specifications.

For over 42 years Colton Commercials Haulage Ltd has been providing our highly-valued delivery services to a wide variety of clients throughout the UK and our traction service to many partner companies based in mainland Europe. With a growing portfolio of satisfied customers we hope that your interest in visiting our website is to see if we could be the one-stop shop for all your logistical and transport requirements. Please feel free to contact us and we will be only too happy to help; After all it is only by working together we can help “Drive Britain Forward”.

Being a family owned & operated business, we take great pride in our simple ethics seeing this as a key to our success  with the support of our loyal team of drivers and our back-room staff. We take immense pride in our driver retention policy, having long serving drivers of over 25 years plus, and firmly believe our success is built on the hard work and high level of customer care they provide whilst wearing our name.

 High standards are what we see and high expectations are what we require throughout the team so we can make the most difficult challenges easy to achieve by the dedicated and supportive staff we retain at all levels within our company. 


About Us...

Norman is the family surname of the owners of Coltons, a name and character that now has relevance within our brand

Being a London-based road haulage company, Norman was created to demonstrate safety on our trailer fleet, with the safety signage making cyclists aware that this vehicle makes wide turns. From this we now promote Norman as our custom truck to use him for safety warnings as well as carrying our business image through 2020 celebrating the seasonal changes and important icons throughout the year 

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