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Stopping an already struggling supply chain

Shameless 'protestors'

So once again #teamcoltons have suffered total disruption caused by protestors who danger, cause chaos and limiting our ability to complete planned scheduled loads to multiple locations across the country, crossing over all sorts of supply chains.

We, one of the many Hauliers once again are faced with cost, disruption, and failed loads due to the poorly controlled, and commonly known as ‘The UK’s time wasters insulate Britain’ causing danger, anger and multiple problems for going about this the wrong way, in an uncontrolled manor.

Haulage is a leading key working factor to the UK’s supply chain trying to deliver all sorts to goods into Distributions Centres, Individual outlets, building sites, fuel stations, and endless end users, but for the general public to consume in one way or another.

These people are forcing people to rebel, forcing danger, putting lives at risk, and now with a time where the UK is under immense pressure to keep all shelves filled, and subsequently deliver a Christmas 2021 for everyone, these people risk this being once again, as more transport fails, more loads do not get delivered, more work backs up….

#thinkaboutothers #keepbritainmoving #teamcoltons #haulageheros

The Big Install...

To keep up with the new TFL DVS requirements, our entire fleet is undergoing an upgrade in fleet risk management with the help of Cameramatics.

Cameramatics is an award-winning software solution for fleet risk management that is built by experts and their own in house software development team, we are currently having full forward, left and right hand facing cameras fitted to all our trucks, with our night fleet also having the in-cab cameras being added.


We expect these upgrades to be completed by the end of February 2021.  

Marjorie May

In remembrance of Keith’s late mum, who sadly passed away in March 2018, Marjorie May was dedicated in fleet on one of our newest vehicles at the time.

 Marjorie, known as ‘Margie’ was very proud of the Colton brand, and its original livery, and was often seen “truck-spotting” on the motorways as, even at 87 years of age, she had a passion for driving and thought nothing of a late night cup of tea at 11pm whilst on the lookout for the trucks in her travels. Margie even attended Truckfest 2011 when she carried out a pre-presentation inspection of the fleet, proud of the driving force and the trucks that were helping ‘Drive Britain Forward’.

Here she is pictured with Joan Norman in front of V30CCH, ‘Miss Joan’s’, our 30 Year Anniversary truck painted in a distinctive silver and blue to celebrate our 30 year anniversary milestone. This was to celebrate and acknowledge our very  first  truck pictured below which was a Volvo F86, named after Joan Norman - ‘Miss Joan’s’.

Today in remembrance we are very proud having Marjorie May still operating within the fleet to show our respects to those who helped create the original company back in the day.

TC Reader

TC Reader (London E14)

In our early days of entering into the road haulage sector we worked for a very well established, and reputable local company based on the Isle Of Dogs in the east end of London called TC Reader.  Working with Tommy Reader & Bobby Penn, who also went by the name of Bobby Reader, was a big influence into our expansion from two trucks into 3 then 4 then up to 60. We originally operated 1 truck (E780MMH) for them in our striped livery, but in this instance orange & white, with a matching trailer (Trl1) and their name in the headboard, which they happily worked as their own, in and around the country, for many years up until their closure & retirement. When Tommy Reader finally closed the doors we were lucky enough to continue with various customers of theirs as well as taking on 3 of their drivers onto the Colton fleet, one of whom is still working with us to this day. Billy Palmer originally retired at 65 at Truckfest 2019 but, bored of playing the drums and annoying his neighbours, finally came out of retirement less than a year later and can be seen currently driving W44CTL, helping to maintain the Colton’s brand on the road and with our many customers.

Both Tommy & Bobby were very highly respected in the road haulage sector, and their skills and knowledge helped in our evolution and development from a Commercial Vehicle and breakdown workshop to the road haulage company that has grown to what we are today. For this we are extremely grateful.

Carl Masters...

Carl Masters, endearingly known as ‘fatboy’ to his friends and colleagues, has been with the company for over 27 years, starting with us as a newly experienced Class 1 driver tramping away all week over the country in our early F10 (D540KMG).  He then changed direction and went into the workshops to train as a fitter. In this time we have seen Carl become a father to both Jordan & Bradley, both of whom enjoyed working with their dad when they were younger, a tradition Bradley still carries on today often covering odd days in our depot assisting with the yard duties when our volumes peak.  Over the years Carl became a popular character with customers, assisting in our HGV MOT Presentations for our workshops, vehicle servicing, and roadside breakdown assistance.  He then took leadership role with Keith Norman driving our first recovery vehicle, B128UFC, and then later took over our second recovery vehicle G947WLW. He was an ambassador for our company, looking after the heavy recovery with Keith on a 24/7 basis very often with call-outs after hours taking stranded vehicles home, or bringing our own customers back when broken down around the country or even as far field as Europe.

When the business changed and the recovery vehicles were sold in the early 2000’s Carl returned and remains a driver for us today. However he now goes home each night having changed his role from being a tramper to being our loyal and dedicated ex-depot Senior driver rarely moving outside the M25 - he can often be heard reminding us to ‘not send me outside the river’…….

Carl remains a loyal and true ambassador for us to this day and has been with us through the journey of our growth helping “Drive Britain forward’, piloting his newly-replaced vehicle Y17CCH fitted with only 2 steps up as the poor lad gets older with us….

We thank Carl for his dedication and loyalty to the business, and look forward to his 30 year service milestone…. #2023Celebrations

Chris Hollyoak

Chris Hollyoak, another family member, and a close and special cousin to Keith who joined our business for the long journey in the early days.

Chrissy, Little Chris, Ollyoak as he was affectionately known amongst other names, started with us in the workshops, and then decided the cold and greasy floors were not for him. He then used his Class 1 and ‘del boy’ ways to convince Keith he would be a good recovery driver or truck driver, as well as promising to keep the tea pot well used and continually warm. His love for tea and trucks then took him into various paths in our business over the years, driving and being part of the heavy recovery team with Keith & Carl, but then then moving over to drive a new vehicle added onto the fleet - K856VUD. After much pestering he was released from local duties and continued to drive a variety of trucks as a tramper for us up until he sadly passed away in February 2013 at too young an age doing what he loved most, apart from spending time with his family…. Up & down the country, tramping away, seeing people & places from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays, always arriving early and with a mug of tea in hand a smile on his face.

Chrissy was a true and loyal ambassador for the Coltons brand, and again a much loved family member whose three children Aaron, Belinda & Toby have now grown up, all having been a part of the Colton’s story with our company having been a big part of his life and their lives.

He was well known and liked by all the drivers who fondly remember him and his specific directions using descriptive locations when they asked for the way to a particular site, which was better than any up-to-date Sat Nav…. His love for tea and trucks gave us much pleasure over the 20 years of him being a major part of our growth; a credit to himself and us and the most sincere person you could possibly wish to meet, he is still sorely missed by many of us today.

We then had the absolute pleasure of naming a truck ‘Ollyoak’ and having this at his daughter Belinda’s wedding in May 2018 a day that we know he would have been proud of with his daughter walk down the aisle to marry he fiancé Josh. It brought many tears, happiness tinged by our sadness as we played a small but happy part on this very special and memorable day.

Chrissy was a man who was well-known and liked by all who knew him, a person who never offended anyone, some-one who willingly dedicated his attention and time to others,  a driver we know was a credit to us and his fellow drivers and a close family member and friend who will never be forgotten.  

Aaron, Belinda & Toby have equally become part of the legacy of Chrissy since his passing, often spotting Coltons and our distinctive livery up and down the motorways which they say brings many great and happy memories of their dad and his time with us all.

#teamcoltons #ollyoak #familyvalues #committedpeople #specialmemories

Frontiers Youth Jaguars (Sponsored By Colton Commercials Haulage)

In 2019 we were proud to announce our sponsorship of Frontiers Youth Jaguars, where Ralphie-Jay Norman is part of the team. Ralphie-Jay a new appointed player in 2019 was very much welcomed into the team which is managed and looked after by their dedicated Manager Joe Burling 

This is a local team, who have demonstrated two good seasons of hard work and continued success on the pitch, which has resulted in being Cup Finalists for the 2020 Season, but due to COVID and its many restrictions the game could not be played.    

Good leadership, along with their dedication and a good team spirit has proven itself, with the team moving up a league this season 

We look forward to continuing our sponsorship with the team, and will ensure these boys, along with the  manager have updated home & away kits, tracksuits, kit bags, and accessories to drive them on as they demonstrate their hard work, allowing them to progress further in the coming seasons 

We thank Manager Joe Burling for his time, dedication, and the consistent hard work he puts in to help the team constantly develop 

#teamcoltons #frontiersjaguars #juniorcoltons

Supporting The NHS

We are equally proud of our driving force who, during the 10 weeks of the lock-down after completing their full working shift, still wanted to show their support for all the other key workers, including the NHS front-line staff.

Wes Nelson - See Nobody (Music Video)

Earlier this year we were asked to feature some of our vehicles in the music video for 'Love Island' star Wes Nelson debut song 'See Nobody' featuring Hardy Caprio.